Kunsthandel Peter van Os

PAN in Perspectief

P A N  i n  P e r s p e c t i e f

25 - 29 November 2020

Galleries throughout the country open their doors and celebrate art.

Kunsthandel Peter van Os

Kamervoort 187, Huissen

Interior Highlights

Exhibition antique objects and collector items combined with contemporary art. Chinese porcelain, Delftware, Italian scagliola, 19th century paintings, curiosities, antique topographical maps and cityscapes, Art Deco furniture, modern art photography by Frank Peters and modern paintings by among others Denis de Gloire, Wessel Huisman, Jit Nieuwenhuis, Ad Snijders, Gertjan Scholte Albers and Hans Keuls. Visit the sales exhibition and admire the pearls of the collection of antiques in combination with modern art in the own interior of art dealer Peter van Os.

During the exhibition there is an opportunity for visitors to have an object valued free of charge (One object per person).

Openinghours Pan in Perspectief:

11.00 - 6 pm

06 53106541