Vanderven Oriental Art

PAN in Perspectief

P A N  i n  P e r s p e c t i e f

25 t/m 29 November 2020

Galleries throughout the country open their doors and celebrate art.

Vanderven Oriental Art

Nachtegaalslaantje 1, 's-Hertogenbosch

25-29 November

Vanderven Online Tutorial

A Short History of Chinese Ceramics:

5 Objects in 5 days

Daily broadcasts from the gallery about the history of Chinese ceramics on the basis of 5 objects, from 5 important periods of Chinese art history.

(english spoken Instagram - Facebook - Youtube)

27, 28 and 29 November

Vanderven Private Masterclasses

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday there are private master classes of 2 hours in which the enthusiasts will delve into a specific subject (max. 3 times a day 2 pers).

29 November


On Sunday 29 November valuation of Chinese art objects. By appointment only or online via facetime. This will be a live broadcast.

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073 6146251 info@vanderven.com