Kunsthandel Inez Stodel

PAN In Perspectief

P A N  i n  P e r s p e c t i e f

25 t/m 29 november 2020
In het hele land openen galeries de deuren en vieren de kunst.

Kunsthandel Inez Stodel
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 65, Amsterdam

A declaration of love to great craftsmanship
Goldsmiths are the artists responsible for the small works of art: jewellery.

Kunsthandel Inez Stodel shows celebrated goldsmiths like Lefebvre, as well as some anonymous goldsmiths. Also on view several pieces from storied houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron. While these names are the icing on the cake, they are never the only reason why Kunsthandel Inez Stodel buys specific jewels. The skills involved in making a jewel, its quality, and the strength of its design are what matter most. A jewel should be admired for its beauty and craftsmanship, regardless of its maker. Enjoy the magnificent world of jewellery - and the goldsmiths together with Kunsthandel Inez Stodel.

Openingstijden PAN in Perspectief:

woe t/m zo 11.00 tot 18.00 uur