Koninklijke VHOK

expertise and quality

The Koninklijke VHOK or Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands, founded in 1911, is the oldest and most renowned professional association in the Netherlands.

We know the vital importance of quality. Whoever buys a beautiful object wishes to know exactly what it is. Dates, attributions, state and preservation of the antique objects all have to fit. That is why only the best dealers are allowed to bear the VHOK-logo.

Our members are "the eyes of the antiques and fine arts market" and jointly they strive for the highest standards of expertise and ethics and of being connoisseurs. We have mutually agreed on these standards for ourselves and for our clients in the "Code of Conduct" and the "General Conditions for Sales and Services".
Every imaginable theme of collection is to be found at one of our dealers. So altogether we have an incredibly large range of knowledge at our disposal. We share this knowledge with the participants of our course "Fine Arts and Antiques in Practice".