Why should you buy from, or sell to a VHOK dealer?

  • VHOK members are experts in their chosen fields of specialisation. They are therefore able to provide reliable information and advice to all who are interested in antiques.

  • VHOK dealers seek to build up long term relationships with their clients - they are not just interested in making a quick sale. Getting to know a VHOK dealer means that objects you have been searching for will often come to light through his chain of contacts. The advice of a professional dealer will be invaluable to buyers building up or improving collections.

  • VHOK dealers are able to provide comprehensive advice on the purchase, sale and care of antiques and works if art.

  • Clients wishing to buy or sell major collections and important antiques are able to do this discreetly, and in complete confidence.

  • Many of our members have the facilities to restore or can provide advice about the restoration of antiques and works of art.