Catalogue Vanderven Oriental Art - Sancai, 2020

Three colours

Vanderven Oriental Art presents 2020 catalogue Sancai – Three Colours. It is a celebration of Chinese ceramics that have a recognisable decoration in mainly three colours: green, brown and or amber with uncoloured areas in white. Though these are the main colours in this palette, it may encompass other colours as well. This particular subject is chosen as it spans a long period of Chinese ceramic history. It was used as early as the Tang dynasty (618 -907) and continues far in to the 18th century, even used today. Vanderven Oriental Art has a passion for early ceramics from the Tang dynasty and porcelains from the 17th and 18th centuries in this colour combination. Large and small objects, figures, bowls and vases, scholar’s desks objects and animals; all telling a story and so representative of the taste of Vanderven.