Zebregs&Röell Fine Art and Antiques

Keizersgracht 543
1017 DP Amsterdam

+31 6 207 43671


Zebregs&Röell has specialised in art and antiques from the era of world discovery and European expansion, also known as colonial. In the Kunstkammer on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, Dick Zebregs and Guus Röell present exceptional objects of museum quality, often eye-catching and with an important story. They explain this history from a Western, but also from a different perspective, in order to contribute to the contemporary discussion about the colonial past.

The spectacular collection is carefully composed and shows the great diversity of world art history and consists of visual art, furniture, rare artefacts and antiques from Europe, America, Africa, China, Japan and South-East Asia. In addition to these often 16th, 17th and 18th century pieces, you will also find a large collection of Victorian taxidermy by important taxidermists who worked in the name of zoology.

The strength of Zebregs&Röell is not only the objects, but also the decoration. Visit the gallery on Keizersgracht and imagine yourself in a 19th century Gentleman's Library.